Joining Cambridge University Symphony Chorus

Membership of the chorus is by audition. The audition is very friendly and lasts about eight minutes. The audition is carried out by the Musical Director, Richard Wilberforce, or his assistant. You will be asked some of the following:

  • Sing some scales and/or arpeggios to demonstrate vocal range and quality.
  • Sing a short melody: the melody will be played twice on the piano first.
  • Complete some simple ear tests: e.g. picking out a note from a chord.
  • Pitch some basic intervals.
  • Sing a short passage at sight: an opportunity for a ‘second go’ is offered, credit being given for the ability to correct at a subsequent reading.
  • In addition, you will be asked to prepare a short piece from the chorus's current repertoire, which will be sent to you upon receipt of your application, or you can contact registrar@camchorus.ukYou will be asked to sing through all or some of it as if in a rehearsal - you aren't expected to be note-perfect.
To enquire about joining the choir, please contact


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